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How Do Different Hurricane Categories Affect Roofs

If you live in Tampa Bay, hurricane preparation is simply a part of life. Part of this preparation includes knowing what to expect with regard to roof damage. Many of our customers wonder, “How much will each hurricane category affect my roofs?” In this guide, we’ll explore the answer.

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What Are Hurricane Categories?

There are five categories of hurricanes. These are divided according to the rate of sustained winds: 

Anything over Category 2 is considered to be an extreme weather event. While many of these can affect your roof, each category may cause distinctive effects.

Category 1 Roof Damage

The winds in this category of the hurricane are strong enough that they can rip shingles off of your roof. Additionally, branches may be blown off of trees. This, along with other types of debris, can damage shingles, vents, and skylights.

Category 2 Roof Damage

The winds in a Category 2 storm can cause extensive damage. Your roof may be subject to a significant amount of damage with strong winds ripping off a significant portion of your shingles. The decking beneath your shingles may be destroyed as well. Gutters, soffits, and fascia can also be destroyed.

Category 3 Roof Damage

In a Category 3 hurricane, roof decking may be ripped off entirely. Gable ends of roofs are often destroyed. 

Category 4 Roof Damage

Mass destruction is often the result of hurricanes in this category. The winds will cause severe structural damage, including the loss of exterior walls and the complete loss of roof structure.

Category 5 Roof Damage

The level of damage in a Category 5 storm is catastrophic. Many homes will be completely devastated due to the rain and winds; this will often call for complete rebuilding. Storms in this category may lead to homes being uninhabitable for months at a time.

Protecting Your Roof

There’s no way to ensure that a hurricane won’t damage your home, but there are a few things you can do to protect it as much as possible. Keep your trees trimmed back and away from your roof. Before the hurricane land, place all vehicles in the garage and remove any items from the yard that could become airborne. 

After a hurricane, contact MBC Capital to inspect your roof for any damage. We’ll evaluate your roof’s condition and ensure that it’s ready to weather any storm that may come.

When you need roof maintenance, repairs, or a new roof installation, call MBC Capital at 813-477-2725.