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Fixing Your Roof After A Hurricane

After A Hurricane

Roofing services might be required after a storm damages your roof. Since storms are common in Tampa, you can get many professional roofing service providers in this area, but you need the best for your own roof so call MBC Restoration Tampa. We can get your roof fixed in no time.

Roof damage

There are two common causes of roof damage, and you should understand them first.

Kinds of roof damage storms cause

Your roof is one of the biggest investments in your home. It keeps the interiors protected from exterior factors. However, it can get damaged by storms. This will compromise the roof’s structural integrity, and it can even collapse in some cases.

You can reduce the damage to the roof by taking necessary precautions. Taking these precautions will only be possible when you understand the type of damage. Mentioned below are the two most common types of roof storm damage you should know:

Wind Damage: The most obvious reason behind roof damage during storms is strong winds. You will be surprised to see the devastating effects strong winds can have on roofs and homes. Experts believe that the winds can potentially harm your roof once it crosses the 55 miles per hour mark. Not only can strong winds tear off shingles, but they also bring with them flying debris that can damage your roof. If the shingles are not installed properly, they become more susceptible to wind damage.

Your entire roof might not damage the same way. Strong winds may damage only the weak spots and the edges of your roof. Here are the various types of wind damages you can notice on the roof:

Missing shingle granules: Shingle granules are essential to protect the roof from the weather. During strong winds, granules are lost, and found in the gutter later.

Bent or lifted shingles: Strong winds can cause your shingles in the corners and edges to bend or raise. This is because these are the stress spots. Our MBC Restoration Tampa team can help you to solve this issue.

Damaged flashing: Water damage to the roof reduces because of the roof’s flashing. Strong winds can damage the chimney flashing, and this can increase the chances of water damage. You should get it inspected after a storm.

Water damage: Water can enter your home interiors when the roof gets damaged, and it can damage the interiors in various ways. You should contact professional service providers if you notice any leaks after a storm.

Tree Damage :  Although it may not seem obvious initially, tree damage is very common during storms. Weakened trees and even branches can collapse during strong winds. If it falls on your roof, it can have devastating effects. Even a small tree branch can cause a significant amount of damage. You may even require a complete roof replacement due to this.

Just inspect the trees near your house to keep your roof protected from tree damage. If the trees or branches appear too weak, remove them. This will reduce the risk of them falling on your roof. Our experts also suggest trimming the branches that are within six feet of the roof.

In case your roof gets damaged due to a storm, it should be covered under your insurance policy. You might not have to pay for the repair cost. Make sure that you check your insurance policy over.

Here is what you can do when your roof is damaged

Although other types of damages can be procrastinated, you must never delay your roof repair. Storm damages to the roof are quite serious and require your immediate attention. Here are a few tips you should know that will help in repairing the roof after storm damage:

1. Never panic

Many homeowners start panicking in such situations. Staying calm will help get situated so you can take the proper steps to start getting your roof repaired.

2. Understanding the damage caused

The roof can damage due to various reasons during a storm. You should always inspect the roof after a storm so that you can identify the damages at an early stage. This will ensure you do not have to pay hefty charges for repairs. If you need an inspection, you can call our MBC Restoration Tampa team at 813-477-2725 for a visit.

3. Talk to a service provider and your insurance company

If you have an insurance policy, you should contact them immediately. You will have to file the claim within a time limit. You should call a contractor as well for the damage. Our team of experts can help you to assess the condition, submit your claim with all the necessary documents, work with the insurance company and repair the damage.

4. Protect your interiors

The roof can damage due to various reasons. It can be a branch, strong wind, or even lightning that caused the damage. Depending on the type and condition of the damage, adequate precautions must be taken. However, the first thing you should do is cover the damaged area of the roof to protect the home’s interiors.

5. Emergency repairs before help arrives

Although you should leave the repair task to experts like us, there are a few small things you can do before help arrives. This will help to reduce the damage. For instance, you should place back the dislocated shingles properly to avoid leaks once the storm stops. Similarly, you can cover small cracks with cement. Metal sheeting can also be a temporary solution when missing shingles.

Why Contact MBC Restoration Tampa

The team at MBC Restoration Tampa has over 17 years of experience in the construction industry, with over 1,400 completed projects under our belts. There is no project that is too big or too small for our team of highly trained professionals! 

Whether you want to replace the roof of your existing home, install a new roof, or have another construction project that you need to do right the first time, contact us today!