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Preparing Your Home For Hurricane Season A Guide For Cape Coral And Fort Myers Area Residents

Hurricane season is a critical time for Florida residents, especially for those living in the Fort Myers and Cape Coral areas.  The state of Florida in general will often experiencing powerful storms that can cause significant damage to homes and properties, but these west coast residents are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. As a homeowner in Florida, it is crucial to take extra steps to prepare your home for the next hurricane season especially following the last. This will not only reduce the risk of wind damage but also help you save money on insurance premiums and repairs.

In this blog, we will share tips and advice on how you can prepare your home for the next hurricane season. Whether you are a seasoned homeowner who just dealt with Ian or a first timer, this guide from wind damage specialists will help you ensure that your home is ready to withstand the strong winds and heavy rains of a hurricane.

Wind Damage Specialists Tips to Prepare Home for Hurricane

1. Strengthen Your Roof

Your roof is the first line of defense against wind damage, and it is crucial to ensure that the roof is in good condition. Wind damage specialists suggest inspecting your roof for any signs of wear and tear, such as cracked or missing shingles. If you spot any damage, it is best to have it repaired as soon as possible.

Twenty-year-old roofs are especially vulnerable to wind damage, and in many cases, a replacement is necessary to provide adequate protection. Consider installing a new roof that is designed to withstand strong winds, such as a metal roof or impact-resistant shingles. These materials are engineered to provide superior wind protection, and many insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners who install them.

It is also a good idea to inspect your roof after each hurricane season to make sure that it has not sustained any damage. If you are not comfortable performing a roof inspection yourself, consider hiring a professional roofing contractor or wind damage specialist, like MBC Capital General Contractors.

2. Secure Your Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are common sources of wind damage during a hurricane, so it is essential to make sure they are secure. Reinforcing your doors and windows can help prevent wind from entering your home that can reduce the risk of structural damage and water damage.

One of the most effective ways to secure your doors and windows is to install storm shutters. These are panels that are attached to the outside of your windows and doors. You can close them during a storm to provide protection. There are several types of storm shutters available, including accordion shutters, roll-up shutters, and Bahama shutters.

If you do not have storm shutters, you can also protect your windows by placing plywood over them.

3. Trim Trees and Landscaping

Trees and landscaping can pose a significant risk to your home during a hurricane, especially if they are close to your home or have dead or diseased branches. To reduce the risk of wind damage, make sure to trim trees and shrubs that are close to your home.

Remove any dead or diseased branches that could break off during a storm and consider removing any trees that are too close to your home. Make sure to keep your landscaping well-maintained and free of debris that could be picked up by the wind and cause damage.

4. Reinforce Your Garage Door

Garage doors are a common point of weakness in homes during hurricanes. The high winds can easily cause the door to buckle or even collapse, leading to significant wind damage to your property. To protect your garage door, it is important to reinforce it before the hurricane season begins.

One of the best ways to reinforce your garage door is by installing a reinforcement kit. These kits are typically made of metal brackets and struts that are installed on the back of the door, providing additional support and stability. By installing a reinforcement kit, you can significantly reduce the risk of wind damage to your garage door and your home.

5. Protect Your Valuables

To protect your valuables, you should consider storing them in a waterproof container or a safe that is anchored to the floor. A waterproof container will ensure that your valuables are safe from water damage, while a safe will protect them from theft and damage.

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, you may also want to consider storing your valuables on a higher floor or in an attic. By storing your valuables in a higher location, you can reduce the risk of water damage and ensure that they are safe and secure.

Another important step to protect your valuables is to back up important files and documents to an external hard drive or cloud-based storage system.

6. Develop an Emergency Plan

It’s important to have an emergency plan in place in case of a hurricane. A well-prepared emergency plan can help you and your family stay safe and secure during the storm. Just make sure that you are prepared to respond quickly if a hurricane strikes.

Your emergency plan should include evacuation routes, a list of emergency contacts, and a supply of food, water, and other necessities that will last for at least three days. Make sure that everyone in your household is aware of the emergency plan and knows what to do in case of a hurricane.

If you live in the Fort Myers, Cape Coral, or surrounding cities and need assistance in protecting your home and your family from the next hurricane, contact MBC Capital General Contractors. Our team of experienced wind damage specialists provides comprehensive and effective solutions to protect your home from the dangers of hurricanes. We can help you prepare your home for the next hurricane season, ensuring that it is strong, secure, and ready to withstand the elements.

Our services include a full range of home reinforcement and repair solutions. We use only the highest-quality materials and techniques to ensure that your home is protected from wind damage for years to come. Contact us today at 813-477-2725 to schedule a consultation with one of our wind damage specialists.